Micheal Pyner workshop: Cultural Industries: Arts, Business or Community?

A conversation with Micheal Pyner about the role of creative industries in our society and the role you and your business or idea might play in your community. There will be an opportunity to hear a leading enrepreneur and cultural advisor share his experience of establishing businesses in the culture sector, see other examples of business in challenging neighbourhoods and have an opportunity to discuss the challenges you face in your day to day work. Some of the questions We will be addressing are:

What is a cultural industry and who works in cultural industries?

What role do cultural industries have to play in the broader economy?

Should culture be “business?” and if we agree culture and business have a dynamic relationship then how do you make an idea a business?

We can then look at your business in a Latvian context and the challenges you face

We will then look at some examples of  cultural enterprises the demonstrate the huge diversity in the sector

This is an opportunity to be passionate, controversial, idealistic and practical!

To apply for the workshop: brigade@lcca.lv. Entrance - free.